About Dad

Abolishing gatekeepers and rulebooks.

The mission

Dad is a queer/female/mom-owned skate brand that focuses on small batch deck and apparel drops.​

As part of The Daddy Skate Team, we believe in telling the outside world who we are and what we believe. We're working hard to clear a path for others to confidently do bigger and better things. To push themselves. To believe in themselves. And to look out for one another.

The story

After having a baby in the winter of 2020 (the moment the world shut down), I needed a hobby to keep postpartum depression from coming around. My two best friends skated and I saw how much passion and life they had when on a board. So.. I headed to my local shop and bought my first complete.

Skating is one of the hardest things I've done. Also the most rewarding. Kinda like being a parent. I would bring my newborn to the skate park and straight up strangers would hang out with her while I learned ollies or how to drop in. I was insecure about skating and insecure about being a mom, but the skate community helped me navigate those weird feelings.

Dad is a representation of my love for the skate community, design, and navigating through hard shit.

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Low Waste

We take as many opportunities as we can to eliminate the amount of waste we produce. This is a big factor in why we make to order as many of our decks and apparel as possible.

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Supporting local

We mindfully price our products to not compete with our local skate shops while also being aware of our value to customers.

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We aim to make skateboarding accessible to everyone and anyone. You'll often find us giving away free used or misprinted decks at events and are always looking for ways to get more people skateboarding.